Sacramento River Steelhead Fishing


Steelhead Fishing In
Northern California

Sacramento River Steelhead Fishing is some of the best fun you will ever have as a fisherman.  Steelhead are basically a Rainbow Trout that migrates to the ocean and comes back into the river to spawn. They are much like a Salmon in that sense but they don't die like a Salmon does after spawning. The fish can get up to 20lbs or even bigger and pound for pound put on the best fight in the river. Like their smaller versions the Rainbow Trout a steelhead is an aerial fighter and will make multiple jumps before coming to the boat ... if you can get them to the boat. These fish can be caught using many different techniques: fly, spinners, plugs, etc. They are aggressive and you will have no trouble knowing if you have a bite or not. Usually your reel is screaming and they are exploding at the surface behind the boat.

Sacramento River Steelhead Fishing takes some patience but it is well worth the wait once you hook one of these fish.  Make sure that your pole is sturdy enough for the fight and that your line is in top condition.  These fish are know to pull free very easily so your equipment needs to be in topnoch condition.